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Module 05: Network Penetration Testing Methodology-External / EX 2

Written By AKADEMY on Wednesday, July 3, 2019 | 11:08 AM

Exercise 2: Accessing Misconfigured FTP Connection on a Remote Machine


File transfer protocol allows authenticated users to upload/access and download files and folders between a client and a server. When anonymous access is enabled on the server, it allows everyone access files on it, leaving the security of sensitive information at risk.
As a pentester, you should be able to find the FTP servers inside a network which have anonymous access enabled.
In this lab, you will be learning how to identify the FTP servers which have anonymous access enabled.
Lab Duration20 Minutes
  1. Click Kali Linux (External Network). If Kali Linux lock screen appears, click on the screen and press Enter. If it does not appear, skip to the next task.
  2. Type root in the Username field and click Next.
  3. Type toor in the Password field and click Unlock.
  4. In this lab, we will be performing penetration testing on a machine to find any loopholes and gain access to its resources.
    For this, we are going to scan Ubuntu Server Subnet C for open ports and services running on the machine.
    To scan, launch a command line terminal, type nmap and press Enter.
    This performs a Nmap regular scan on the machine and displays the results as shown in the screenshot.
    In this lab, we are scanning IP address of the target machine located in the external network, whereas, in real-time, you will be scanning domains for eg. ftp.[targetwebsite].com.
  5. In the previous task, it was observed that ports 212280 are open. Let us begin with port 21.
    We shall first check if we can access FTP on the machine anonymously. For that, we will run Nmap scan with the ftp-anon script to find out whether anonymous login is enabled on the machine.
    Type nmap -p 21 --script ftp-anon press Enter to begin the Nmap scan.
  6. It is observed that Anonymous FTP Login is enabled on the FTP Server.
  7. Now, we shall log in to the FTP server and access contents in the FTP directory.
    Type ftp and press Enter.
  8. You will be asked to enter a login name. Type anonymous and press Enter.
  9. Upon entering the login name, an ftp shell appears, stating that the FTP login has been successful.
    This shows we have successfully logged in to the remote machine using FTP.
  10. Now, we shall view the files and directories inside the FTP root directory. To view them, type ls and press Enter.
    This displays all the directories and files in the FTP root directory, along with their file/directory permissions as shown in the screenshot below.
    It is observed that the directory permissions for "public" folder have read-write-execute access enabled to all the user groups. We shall attempt to upload a file to this directory in the forthcoming tasks.
  11. Now, we shall navigate to the public folder to view its contents. To navigate, type cd public and press Enter.
  12. Type ls and press Enter to view the files and folders inside the "public" folder.
  13. You will observe the files named secret.txt and test.txt in the folder.
  14. Now, we shall see if we can download the files from the server.
    To download secret.txt file, type get secret.txtand press Enter.
  15. The downloaded file is saved to the Home folder as shown in the screenshot below.
  16. Now, we shall see if we can upload a file to the FTP server. In this lab, we are uploading a file named scan.txt (as an example) located in the Home folder of Kali Linux (External Network) to the FTP Server.
    To upload, type put scan.txt and press Enter.
  17. The file was successfully uploaded to the server as shown in the screenshot below.
    This means that file upload access has been enabled on the FTP server which can allow an attacker to upload malicious files to it.
  18. As highlighted in the screenshot, the options anonymous_enableanon_upload_enable and anon_mkdir_write_enable have been enabled which allowed us to login to FTP server anonymously and upload files to it.
In this lab, you have learned how to identify and connect to FTP servers that have anonymous access enabled.
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